Kyla James

Comparing both my pregnancies Isaiah pregnancy was so Good I didn’t have a ounce of sickness, nausea no Nothing it was like I wasn’t even pregnant.


With my Daughter it was definitely an experience that I would never forget. Now, because of my past experience with the first baby you can just imagine what I was thinking plus my emotions going crazy from fear and etc.

Finding out I was pregnant again was a happy and nervous experience. When I found out I was pregnant I quickly made a doctor appointment at Kings County Hospital where I had my son as well. I thought it was cute that Me and my Boyfriend was both born at the same hospital so we decided to make our children be born their as well.

This time around I was more precious and was more informed about being pregnant and even what can go wrong during a pregnancy. Nobody never tell you anything they just throw big medical terms at you and then say at the end “Oh it’s Nothing to worry about”

I made my doctors appointment and I always made sure I went to them and if I didn’t understand something I always did my research on everything! Bad and good!

One day I was off from work and I went to use the bathroom the morning and I wiped my self and then again and I saw BLOOD you can just imagine how I was feeling like oh My GOD NO NOT again lord. That day I was at my boyfriend house so I dragged my clothes on quickly and put on a thin pad just in case it came down heavy &’ RAN to the hospital ER. NOW after finally getting seen at Kings County Hospital ER room. I told the doctor what was going on and they said “Okay we’ll do an Ultrasound to see what’s going on” The worst thing in the world is when the doctor is checking you and they are in silence. I’m watching every feature and wrinkle on her face every move or a slight adjustment on her face I caught it. Then ultrasound Technician finally looked at me and turn the screen and pointed and said “This is the baby and that’s the heartbeat” Let me tell y’all something that was the best thing that I ever herd in my WHOLE life because now my heart revived it self cause I definitely died like ten times on the table.

But she did tell me that the spot of bleeding that I saw was Chorionic hematoma it is most common cause of first trimester bleeding. She told me that if I see the blood getting worse to come back to the emergency room. It will reabsorb it self back. . . . The Hematoma had reabsorb back Yayyy.

As I went to my doctors appointment they ended up putting me in a High Risk Clinical. A high risk clinic is were a women that is pregnant would get extra care then a women that is in a regular care clinic. HIGH RISK CLINICAL is for women that have complications with their pregnancy, Loss a baby or if your above 35 years old. So basically after I got out of my First Trimester. I started going to the Doctor every week up until I have the baby!

The first couple of weeks of my pregnancy I had a lot of ultrasound to check on the baby and also my cervix especially because it opened too early my last pregnancy. They say that I have an short cervix / incompetent cervix. They wanted to see how it was progressing and to see if I needed to do surgery a Cervical cerclage it’s to prevent from having premature labor.

As I was coming out of my first trimester into my second trimester about 16 weeks my doctor told me they would try me with hormones shots to see how that would work! with me during my pregnancy.

16 to 36 weeks

So with the Hormones shots you get them in your Butt area starting from 16 weeks to 36 weeks. They stop at 36 weeks and let your body naturally go into labor. I had to go EVERY week to get my shots at the same time same day! To keep it consistently. In between those weeks I’ve had multiple sonograms to see how my cervix was doing and come to realize that the doctor said that I don’t have to do the cerclage because my body was taking the hormones very well. GOD IS SO GOOD. Also I was working less and relaxing my body more then my first pregnancy.

As weeks gone by I made sure religiously I go and take my shots even throughout the Nasty winter weather and days and plus having my doctors appointment and working. I was going to school as well but I had dropped one class because in this pregnancy I was a little sick and I knew I wasn’t going to pass that class at all.

As time passed I was getting bigger and heavier everything from my waist down started to hurt. I had turned 36 weeks and I was taking my Last hormone shot this was around March Ohh Boy I was happy. I already had left work the last day in February because the commute started getting to me, by time I got to work the bottom of my belly would cramp up so bad that I would cry!. The whole of March I stayed home and relaxed and got this ready for the baby. When I went to the doctor this was a week after me stop taking my hormones about 37 weeks the doctor said that I was two centimeters Dilated so I was excited because I’m like yes she soon be here.

Two weeks Passed and No Baby! I went to the doctor appointment because once you reach your Third Trimester about 36 weeks you have to go to the doctor every week! The doctor saw me and said “Mommy you didn’t have that baby yet” I said “NO!!!!!!!!!! I’m tired”. So she said okay your Misery is over! April 4th you will get induced. I was so Happy I been two centimeters for like 3 weeks.

Kyla James 7lbs 6oz 21 inches April 5th 2018

But GOD is so GOOD I had my daughter 39 weeks and 4 days, 3 days before her due date April 8.

I was in labor for 18 Hrs. Pushed twice and my baby girl was Here! ❤️

Short Cervix

What is short cervix?

The cervix is the part of your uterus that opens and shortens during labor. These changes allow your cervix to become thinner and softer so your baby can pass through the birth canal during childbirth. 

Your cervix is short if it’s less than 2 centimeters (20 millimeters) long.

If you have a short cervix, it may open too early, before you baby is ready to be born. When your cervix opens too early, it’s called cervical insufficiency or incompetent cervix. If you have a short cervix, you have a 1-in-2 chance (50 percent) of having a premature birth. 

Your health care provider may find that you have a short cervix during an ultrasound. Ask your provider about having an ultrasound to check for short cervix.

subchorionic hemorrhage

Subchorionic hemorrhage (subchorionic hematoma) is the most common sonographic abnormality in the presence of a live embryo. Vaginal bleeding affects 25% of all women during the first half of pregnancy and is a common reason for first-trimester ultrasonography.

In Most Cases it reabsorbs it self back to normal. . .

Is subchorionic bleeding harmful?

Many subchorionic hematomas aren’t harmful in the long term. Your doctor will have a better idea after looking at the hematoma on an ultrasound. Smaller hematomas have better outcomes. Larger versions can present problems.


Losing Isaiah

By Toni Rose Foundation Inc.


A day I will never forget, it was 2016 and I was 26 when I found out I was pregnant I can remember it like it was yesterday. I noticed that I missed a month but at first I didn’t pay it any mind I just thought it was late as usual. I have an irregular menstrual cycle. I was at work and I said to my best friend Me-Me “I didn’t get my period I think I’m “pregnant” she said ” Just wait two more weeks and if nothing take a pregnancy test” So I said “Okay will do”. So I did, this was about the end of January going into February not. I let 3 weeks passed and nothing so I was at work on my break I went to the pharmacy and bought two digital pregnancy tests. Went to the bathroom and took it and waited came up NEGATIVE so I go okay I’m not pregnant. I saved the other pregnancy test and went about my day at work. Two days past, after I took the first pregnancy test but my body just felt real uneasy. I decided to take the second pregnancy test it was Valentine’s Day 2016. I looked at the pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE. My mouth literally dropped to the floor. I was at work at that moment so I wrapped the pregnancy up and finished my day at work. I went home and called my boyfriend and told him that I’m pregnant and he replied by saying “It’s About Time” |LOL| he was so happy, But that was the easy part!!. The hardest part was telling my mother, just like every mother they always want the best for their children. She wanted me to finish school and then have kids but in life things just don’t work that way. What’s you plan is never GOD’S plan! Now about a month passed and I came home from work my mom was in the shower and I said mommy I have to talk to you automatically she said “You’re Pregnant?” I started crying historically because the way she did it was like she was so disappointed in me! My mother was really upset about me being pregnant.

As Days passed …. I started going to prenatal care to make sure everything is Okay with the baby and I’m doing what I have to do. After a while I started getting excited and realizing I’m going to be a mom plus I Love Children. I always had my aunts kids, my mom friends kids, I took care of all my sisters from the age of eight weeks and up! My doctor visits was going well everything was looking good for me! The baby due day was in OCTOBER. Me and my boyfriend was excited. Then I was about 16 weeks and we found out that it was a BOY. I wanted a girl but I was happy with it cause my boyfriend was :-D. Weeks passed and I was working and going to school while pregnant no issues at all. This pregnancy was really good no sickness no nothing.

Friday, June 10, 2016,. . .

This is when everything went left. I woke up the Friday morning to go to work for 11:30 am. I had woke up about six am that morning to use the bathroom because I started using it more frequently as I was in my third trimester and getting bigger. I had went back to bed I had about two more hours of sleepy time before going to work. Finally got back up around nine am used the bathroom and saw bright red blood so I go “oh I got my period”. That split second I forgot that I was pregnant in my head I’m like I don’t think bleeding is a good thing especially the way I was bleeding. I jumped up off the toilet and called out to my sister Souljah first and then called my mom on the phone crying saying that I’m bleeding heavy. My mom said “call 911 and I’m on my way home”. I called 911 and the ambulance came the same time my mom pulled up at the house. I was home with my sister Souljah at the time! So I was laying down flat on the bed until the ambulance come. I had just turned 22 weeks I didn’t know what to think or how to think in that moment. All I wanted was for me and the baby be okay! I told my sister to call my boyfriend to tell him it’s an emergency and meet me at the hospital NOW!!.

KingsCounty Hospital NYC

Went into the hospital and I told the doctor in Labor and delivery what happened. Now the doctor that came she was so heartless and mean about the whole situation. So she checks me and the first thing she says Luther DAMN mouth is “Oh your having a MISCARRIAGE and walk out the room”. I started crying historically my mom came back in the room and asked me “what she said” and I told her. But I turn to my mom and said “but mommy I can feel him still moving though how can I be having a miscarriage”. So they ended up admitting me in and a different doctor came in and she was so NICE and she explained good and bad that can happen because I was so early in my pregnancy.

  1. I was 22 weeks and they wanted me to go past 23 weeks so that he can at least have a chance to survive.
  2. I was put on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy at the hospital.
  3. My cervix had already dilated to about 75%.
  4. They had my head down and my legs up so he won’t come down anymore.
JUNE 14th 2016 Isaiah Triston James

So I went to 23 weeks and 4 days but he ended up coming June 14, 2016. Isaiah Triston James 1 lb 2 oz was born and looking just like his DAD badly he looked like a little old man :-D. The Baby NICU team rushed him over to work on him quickly because he was so tiny! I can honestly that Kings County Hospital NICU team worked on Isaiah as if they was his own they did such a. Good job with him. I was so worried about Isaiah and wanted him to be okay!. After I went to my room, they put you in a room by yourself especially mothers that have babies in NICU’s or lost a baby. I would go see him in the NICU and see how he was progressing and be their with him all day talk to him &’ touch him. The issue with Isaiah was that his lungs and brain wasn’t fully developed his quality of life would be VERY POOR. Two days passed and my baby boy got worse. I never cried so much in my life! I called my boyfriend and told him you need to come to the hospital NOW. I had to explain to him what was going on with Isaiah he didn’t take that NEW well at all. NEVER IN THE 6 YEARS WE BEEN TOGETHER I SEEN MY BOYFRIEND CRY. When he was crying it just broke me and my moms heart. At that moment I did what was right for my son as a mom and his protector. I told the doctors to let him go! I had to think about the struggles that we would go through with a sickly child being in and out of the hospital. I thought about his QUALITY OF LIFE he would have. I know deep in my heart I made the best decision for Isaiah at the time but it didn’t feel that way. Time heals all wounds. Isaiah came in my life for a short period of time but I swear that he taught me and showed me my strength my weakness and what a mother would do for her baby. Isaiah is my angel above watching over his parents! P.S. Happy 3rd. Birthday my Angel :-*


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Heart Burns

HeartBurn-Burning-pain or discomfort in the upper chest and mid-chest  possibly involving the neck and throat, that may worsen when lying down.

HeartBurn During pregnancy-To reduce heartburn during pregnancy without hurting your baby, you should try the following: Eat several small meals each day instead of three large ones. … Ask your doctor about using over-the-counter medications such as Tums or Mallow, which are generally safe to use during pregnancy.